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The most extensive supply chain solutions for the Chinese market.

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We manage product import, labeling, customs clearance, & management of sanitary certificates.

We take care of stock management and deliver your products to the points of sales. We bill on your behalf and settle your finances.

We also help you sell your products on key Chinese e-Commerce platforms, such as,, and

Food Distribution

Due to China’s expanding food market and increasing demand for imported edibles, Elee has formed supply chain solutions for this market in China.

We currently service 200 cities from our four DCs (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou,

Chengdu), delivering 10,000 SKUs to thousands of points of sales.

Our facilities provide ambient, temperature controlled, and frozen storage conditions. We manage the sanitary certificates to ensure compliance with Chinese regulations, all whilst offering stores the ability to print

sanitary certificates on demand, simply by scanning product barcodes.

Our system interfaces with the end-customer ERP, manages product shelf-life, calculates the replenishment quantities, and provides multi-site stock management with online visibility on stock and deliveries.

We offer tailor-made supply chain solutions_

Fashion Retail

Due to the capabilities of China’s clothing production industry and overall development of China’s fashion market,

most global fashion brands have considered producing clothing or selling clothing in China to be a necessity; however, there are many challenges in this industry.

To support our customers, Elee has set up a fashion logistics programs deployed in all four of our regional DCs, providing the logistics support to sell via e-shops, retail shops, and outlet stores. We provide stock viability for every step of the process; from deliveries to factories, replenishment shipments, deliveries to stores, and B2C shipments to customers.

In addition, our Shanghai warehouse is authorized by the Shanghai CIQ bureau to perform the labeling and processing of imported products.

Luxury Products

High-end luxury products require specific logistics with careful product handling,

high security storage, and special product processing. Our end-to-end luxury product logistics solution delivers just that.

From product import preparation, we go through customs clearance, product registration with the Entry-Exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, product labeling, tagging, sorting, storing, pick & pack, and delivery to the stores. Our information management solution allows the monitoring of our customers’ POS which are merged with our WMS data to produce outstanding data analysis reports, a service provided by very few 3PLs.

Top notch in-house
WMS solutions_

Industrial Products

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) monitors your orders at orderline and dispatch levels, analyzes your stock, and identifies your stock rotation.

We manage and process your customers’ orders from our four DC’s: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Chengdu.

Via EDI connection we are able to synch our system with your SAP/ERP system to enable us to receive the daily picking order requests to fulfill the orders. Our Analyst team is able to analyze all product data in order to provide clear information on your product flows, your stock, and your orders. Our management approach leaves no details aside, providing you with the logistics support that you need.


With full import and export trading rights, Elee is one of few 3PLs able to provide a one-stop shop logistics and trading service.

We help you buy from Chinese factories that do not have export tradinglicense, sell to Chinese buyers who do not have an import license and buy from factories without trading rights.

Our team of trading specialists guide our customers with preparation and issuance of import and export documents by utilizing our dedicated system. This allows for crystal clear visibility on processes which is often otherwise obscure and difficult to understand.

We are the leading 3PL in China_

Wine Logistics

With a stock of over 300,000 bottles and over 10 years of experience in handling wine, Elee positions itself as one of the leading 3PLs in managing wine logistics in the Chinese market.

Our end-to-end logistics solution includes import clearance, registration (with the Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau), Chinese label design and translation, sanitary certificate management, storage, order fulfillment, and delivery of your products to your customers.

Our temperature controlled warehouse is set to a cool 10-20 degrees Celsius year round (50-68 degrees Fahrenheit). We also run a dedicated wine e-commerce logistics solution to reach online Chinese consumers.