Our Differentiators.

Elee is a knowledge and value based local logistics operator with a unique understanding and approach to the China market.

Elee services a wide range of industries including fashion, retail, food, wines, furniture, luxury and industrial products with dedicated system solution modules.

An oustanding expertise in supply chain management solutions deployed in China.

Elee demonstrates outstanding expertise in managing projects for B2B and B2C customers, offering pan-China distribution programs for major players in the market with inventory monitoring functions at SKU level across our four distribution centers.

A state-of-the-art management system adapted to the management of Chinese operations.

We believe that companies get a sustainable advantage from the way they organize, not from the brilliant idea.

We operate on a proven, tested, well-suited and efficient management system which we consider to be a fundamental factor to successful operations in China.

Our management approach developed over the last 20 years is an invaluable management asset to our organization. Elee’s management system provides consistent visibility on the company business activities, guaranteeing the integrity of our transactions, our purchases, our billing and our performance.

How Our Differentiators Materialize.


Best-in-class process-based logistics operations coupled with powerful and customized IT system management solutions, articulated around each project specifics and based on the customer requirements.


A repository of updated operation process flows with their active set of KPIs entrusted to a company process management supervisor to support repeatable solutions.


An activity based costing system implemented at project level, to assign costs to services based on the resources that they consume.

- The cost and selling factors of each project;

- To understand the impact of economy of scales created by multi-projects operated on single sites;

- To implement the cost-plus approach to customers who require it;


Project management operated on the principle of self-managed teams responsible and held accountable for their own performance, measured monthly on their compliance with our company management tools, combined with monthly project score cards.

Elee's Visibility on the Market

Elee stands as one of the reference players in the Chinese logistics market.

Our well-established position among key players and competitors, our contacts with industry leaders and our active participation to bids and tenders, in addition to the seniority of our CEO all contribute in building Elee's reputation.

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The Team

A dedicated team of ethical, well-trained logistics professionals and IT specialists

Elee’s management team relies on supervisors and managers with over 10 years of work history at Elee, trained to operate consistently at peak performance levels leaving no space to ‘good enough is good enough’ practices.

A principle-based management approach makes Elee’s members feel good about working at Elee while following their own life interests and values in the accomplishment of their work.

A consistent on-site management support program provides Elee supervisors and managers with detail-oriented guidance.

The right blend of global management expertise with local sensitivity.

A Diversified Customer and Activity Base


Logistics solutions including import, export, trading, as well as B2B and B2C local distribution solutions.


Companies vary from small to large, local to overseas


A well-balanced portfolio of international and local industry players

System Solutions

Flexible and scalable proprietary system solutions, developed internally by our IT team, tailor-made to the specific requirements of each of our customers.


Project solutions are managed on a dedicated database, configured to the specifications of each project.


Customer requirements can virtually all be met; system developments are made dynamically to integrate the growing needs of our customers and the needs of their business.


Our system interfaces with all prominent market ERPs / MRPs.


An unlimited range of reports are produced to run the operations with full visibility.


Our system solution is a tested fail-proof solution with 10 years of failure-free running, running on consistent scheduled automatic backups.

80 million +

80 million live records, with 200 concurrent connections including web accesses.

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