Pick & pack

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We run pick & pack operations to prepare overseas store orders from our export hubs.

Export Pick & Pack

We run pick & pack operations to prepare overseas store orders from our export hubs.

Store orders are scan-packed with multi-SKU products and shipped in full containers to overseas markets.

Our end-to-end solution stretches from supplier management, to store order preparation, export clearance, to on-boarding of goods on departing vessels.

Our in-house technology communicates with the buyer's system to manage and view each milestone in the process;

We ship millions of store-ready pieces from our Chinese warehouses to thousands of worldwide points of sale.

Shorter and simpler
with our DC bypass feature_

DC Bypass

Elee manages your Chinese vendors orders that we receive at our export hub to prepare store-ready orders that we load in containers with pre-labeled cartons for shipment to the final destinations.

At the ocean port of arrival, orders are directly transferred to the conveyors of the last-mile delivery providers who read the carton barcodes printed to specific label formats and deliver the packages to the points of sales.

We prepare your orders to the specific requirements of your end customers with value added services including product re-packing, labeling, tagging, lot making etc.

Elee will be able to help you realizing considerable reductions in transportation, inventory-carrying, and material handling costs, saving a lot of time in the overall supply chain by speeding fulfillment.


With several million pieces assembled in store-ready displays,

Elee positions itself as one of the leaders in the co-packing market in China, with displays delivered to worldwide retailers including Carrefour, Tesco, Auchan and Walmart...

Our services include the design and assembly of displays, product selection, product assembly, and the export of products. When required, we use our trading license to export the finished products. Store ready displays can be delivered directly to overseas stores.

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Quality Control

With pre-shipment inspection (PSI) conducted at our warehouse sites we help our customers reach 100% product quality requirements.

Positioned between the factories and ports, our warehouses offer the neutral environment where quality control inspectors can conduct the PSI in full integrity.

QC inspectors enjoy the comfort of our on-site quality control rooms equipped with required lighting, QC tables, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi.

Our warehouse teams support all steps of the quality control process. When shipments fail the AQL inspection, products can be returned to the vendors or repair work can be made at our sites.

Our dedicated system modules run the overall process and record the inspection data to provide outstanding visibility on the QC process in monthly score cards.

We provide you with outstanding levels of visibility on KPIs that otherwise remain invisible to all parties.